We Can Help Your Organization

Alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace causes many expensive problems for business and industry ranging from lost productivity, injuries and an increase in health insurance claims. Drug testing has proven to be an effective deterrent to drug abuse. With the help of ScreenSafe, Inc., your organization can implement a program that is minimally intrusive and highly effective. Together we can strive to make the workplace safer and more productive.



Who We Are

ScreenSafe, Inc., is a drug testing management organization offering a wide range of Drug-Free Workplace services. Recognizing that drug abuse increases accidents, absenteeism, medical costs and decreases productivity. Screensafe, Inc. is committed to partnering with their clients to help create and maintain a safe and drug-free environment. ScreenSafe, Inc., has many clients including pharmaceutical companies, small businesses and contractors. ScreenSafe, Inc. offers a knowledgable background in Union policies, which include many IBEW Locals, Plumbing Locals and Construction Industry.