Who We Are

ScreenSafe is a fully managed third party administrator founded in 2000 to provide a comprehensive, drug-free workplace program. We offer personalized service to remove the burden from the contractor and feel uniquely qualified to administer your substance abuse program to ensure a safe environment by helping:



  • Develop your personalized drug free workplace program

  • Have explanation and training meetings for Union members and Contractors

  • Develop and distribute your personalized policy program

  • Set-up nearby collection sites

  • Distribute specimen collection authorization forms

  • Manage random testing pools

  • Notification of non-compliant drug tests

  • Provide annual test report survey

  • Discrete management of weekly or monthly positive drug tests

  • Track number and type of positive drug tests

  • Management of reasonable cause and post accident documentation forms

  • Notification and coordination of Return to Work forms while maintaining confidentiality at all times.


    These are some of the advantages to be gained by partnering with ScreenSafe to administer your substance abuse program.